About Us


La Gota Circo was born in 2013 in Colombia and it moved to the melting pot of entertainment, Dubai, in 2016 as its headquarter base and it has established another sub base in India in 2019.

Throughout the years, La Gota Circo has built a global network of artists who performed over five thousand shows in over thirty five countries.


”Art is food for the soul” Charlie Chaplin 

Art, in all its forms, is a universal language
that has the power to bring people in strong
connection, regardless of labels, race, & beliefs.  

The Team

What makes La Gota Circo unique is the core team who consists of proficient humans who are well diverse in their expertise and disciplines.
What brought the team together is the universal power of purpose to bring joy and health to individuals through art and physical connection to one self.
La Gota thrives to sustain a family culture where all the partners work wholeheartedly under the mission of creating unconventional art.


Javier Rendon




Javier Rendon started his passion journey at thirteen years of age where he was mesmerized by a juggler practicing in a park. Since then, he  worked hard & secured a scholarship in the Columbian National School of Circus where he specialized in acrobatics, juggling, and unicycle. After his graduation, he built on his expertise by mastering show direction, rap music, and multiple circus techniques.

As he follows his urge to continuously travel the world, Javier naturally became a magnet to allocating the highest level artists and coaching them. His big heart to share his knowledge and awaken human’s potential of their body drove him to start the circus school as well. 

Check his personal website for more information about Javier Rendon




Managing Partner & Cultivator 


Known as Elly.  After finishing her bachelors of commerce at Concordia University, she kick started her career with Red Bull in Dubai as a field marketeer and brand specialist working on major sports & field events for five years.

Thereafter, she experienced the power of art and human connection in international festivals which prompt her start her own art, music, & mindful festival; ChinChinTalu.

Her role at La Gota is to cultivate the entire business from a logistical backend and portray the essence of the brand to the forefront. Her passion for art started in 2015 through flow arts and dance. Since then, she had developed an unstoppable thirst for learning as she delved into acrobatics, yoga, and life coaching to name a few. 

Check her out @elyariti:



La Gota, in Spanish, means THE DROP. As Javier Rendon was pondering on the name for the company, a rain drop fell onto his notebook to create a beautiful design to disrupt the page. At this very moment, the name was chosen to portray the strong ripple effect of a drop. 
Wherever La Gota drops, it will create a positive impact even for those beyond the crowd to feel it.